Our Mission

Our Mission

beti+beno's mission is to break the cycle of poverty through grassroots operations - working with traditional artisans from rural communities to provide them with a new market for their rich heritage craft.  The proceeds from this craft help fund the education of children in communities throughout India.

Our Dream

Using modern design and heritage craft to create luxurious fashion that empowers marginalised communities of India. 

Our Spirit


Our Focus

Creating stylish fashion with a purpose

Our Character

Authenticity | Empowerment | Heritage | Community | Education

Our Beliefs

Our character speaks to our beliefs: 

Being authentic in every way....from who we choose to work with to how we work with them and what we make with them

Empowering is a big word - for us it means creating a virtuous circle and thereby being the solution to the problem

Together let us preserve the heritage craft of artisans globally

Communities are the bedrock upon which we learn to love so lets nurture them

Education changes a person, a community, a society and beyond