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Who made my scarf?

We work with weavers and block printers in Gujarat, India who have been mastering their art for generations.  We also work with women cooperatives that we think are game changers in sustainability. Please read about our artisans here.

Is your scarf made using sustainable techniques and do you pay fair wages?

We are working on getting our GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification.  It is proving to be difficult to get this certification as GOTS doesn't currently work with small families of artisans.  However I found that in a place where anyone can pay someone to give them a certification that says they are ethical, I wanted to be sure with my own eyes, ears and instinct!  So I have done extensive due diligence by spending a lot of time with our artisans, eating with them, working with them, getting to know their families, listening to what they want, communicating with them in the local language and just using my intuition to affirm that we are supporting a great working environment.  This gives me confidence and comfort with our sourcing. This is what helps me sleep at night.  

If we decide to use an NGO, such as WomenWeave, then the same due diligence applies and I have grown to trust them to provide ongoing monitoring and assurances that the artisans continue to be paid and treated fairly.

Each piece is made by an artisan aiming to increase their income by five times as they retain up to 30% of the total revenue of each scarf.  In developing countries such as India, this is key in order to feel valued for the hard work but also to build a sustainable lifestyle.  

How was my scarf made?

From start to finish, they were made by hand using age old techniques.  Read all about it here.

How do I care for my scarf?

We wash each scarf with hypoallergenic soap and iron it before we ship to you.

For the block printed scarves: When it does come time for cleaning, we recommend washing in cold water either by hand or on the gentlest cycle setting in a washing machine with a mild soap. Please note that some natural dyes will bleed the first couple washings (but after that you're fine), so we recommend washing alone or with like colors. Line dry and only iron on warm setting if desired. Do not twist your scarf or rub it too vigorously. 

For our handwoven scarves: We recommend either hand washing or dry cleaning these handmade beauties.

Will my scarf look exactly like the one I saw online?

Variations in color and printing are part of the genetic makeup of hand block printed textiles in small batches.  The sun, the wind, even the water used will vary with each scarf therefore give it a different look.  Your scarf will be unique because of these characteristics.  Just remember each scarf was made by hand and with a lot of love and care and that is why it has its own personality.  

Where can I see your product in person?

Click here to get updates on any pop-ups or market stands where we will be.