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Artisan's Story

Our search for artisan partners began two years ago and now after three fantastic trips covering over 2000 miles in Gujarat, we will be launching a line of luxurious and stylish hand woven as well as hand block printed scarves.  We aim to make the design process a collaboration between our designer and the artisan.  

Our artisan partners: 

Block printer 

Meet Aslam, our expert hand block printer. The twists and turns of his life journey as well as an insight into the block printing process can be found in our journal.  Check out our block printed collection here.

Block maker

Prakash is our block maker, based in a small village called Pethapur.  Historically there were over 500 craftsmen who used to work in the village.  However today only a handful are left, trying with all their might, to preserve their craft.  His father was a block maker too and passed away at a very young age, which meant that Prakash and his brother had to learn the tricks of the trade quickly in order to sustain the workshop.  He is so passionate about his work and we were so happy to see that, at the same time, he is an incredibly shrewd businessman.

Hand Weavers

We are working with a women's cooperative as well as two families of handweavers. 

Rajeshbhai is one of 7 brothers, all of whom are incredibly passionate about their heritage and the preservation of it.  You can find our more about his story in our journal.  

This is Mangla, a khadi weaver who works for Women Weave.  We are in love with Khadi cotton - it is not only a beautiful and soft piece of fabric, it has a very powerful story and history of freedom and peace attached to it.  You can read more about this cotton and our artisan weavers in our journal.  It took us a while to find a cooperative that makes us proud of our khadi collection, which you can find here.