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Parul, on the left, working with expert block printer, Aslam

beti+beno (pronounced "beh-ti + beh-no" and is hindi for daughters and sisters)

beti+beno is a marriage of my love for India, handmade textiles and empowering marginalised communities.  India's rich craft heritage has been vibrant for many years, and our aim is to bring this heritage to your lifestyle through modern contemporary pieces.  Currently I am working with a family of hand block printers as well as a two families of hand weavers to showcase a small line of unique high quality, hand woven and hand block printed scarves.  All of our products are beautifully handcrafted by local artisans in Gujarat, India who have been practicing their skills for generations as well as women's cooperatives who we think are game changers.  To bring it all together, I also realise the importance of education, and its power to change communities, which is why 10% of net profits from every product sold goes towards educating children in the rural communities of India.  

Parul Patel, founder of beti+beno

I am a mixed bag of cultures having lived in a few different continents, however in a nutshell, I was born and bred in Zambia, did some further growing up in New York and now am a mother of two fabulous children in London.  But India, specifically Gujarat, is always home, having been the birthplace of my grandparents.  Gujarat is considered the "off the beaten path" place to visit when you're in India.  I have fond memories of visiting my grandfather’s village and enjoying the minimalist lifestyle with very few resources.  It is through these experiences that I have learned some of the most valuable life lessons - less is more; the power of belonging to a community and most importantly, make your mark in this world. I love Gujarat because, despite it being chaotic and unpredictable, things do happen…eventually.  I love it because, when it comes to food, it is one of the few places that you can visit and eating only vegetarian food isn’t a challenge - in fact it is a culinary feast of exploding flavours and varying textures.  I love it because the artisans and their families are painstakingly working hard to keep their craft alive in their villages - it is the true definition of labor of love.  I love it because the people are caring and amid all the madness, someone will always extend a helping hand.  So after 15 years working for the commercial arm of the BBC, I realised that my heart belongs to India and wanting to make a difference.  Through several recce trips in search of the right artisan communities as well as education partners, I am proud to be bringing beti+beno to your home.