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hand block printing artisan

Aslam's family has been practicing this craft for generations and now it is his turn to take over the workshop.  He had studied in school until the 10th grade, after which he thought civil engineering was his calling, but turns out it wasn't!  He then thought fixing bikes in the big city of Mumbai was his way forward, but that didn't work out for him either.  He wanted to block print, but wanted to take it to a different level and reach new markets.  So he returned to his village of Kutch and enrolled in a design programme.  We chose to work with him instead of the many other much more successfully established block printing artisans in the village because we want to support the emerging talent, the ones who want to make their mark in society.  We love working with him for many reasons, however his talent, integrity, agility and determination to always challenge himself are traits we admire the most!

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